Judging Panel


To be updated with our 2018 Judges

For NJCO 2016

This panel is updated as confirmations of volunteer judges are available.  Judges may be replaced/substituted at the discretion of the NJCO Director as required.

Research Event Judging

Event 1: Chemical Research

Dr. Joseph Bozzelli, NJIT
Ms. Karen Fanucci, ACS

Event 2: Environmental Chemistry Research

Dr. Alexei Khalizov, NJIT 
Dr. Miriam Gulotta, NJIT & William Paterson University
Dr. Alisa Krishtal, NJIT

Event 3: Chemical Engineering Research

Dr. Reginald Tomkins, NJIT
Dr. Mirko Schoenitz, NJIT

General Event Judging

​Event 4: Web Page Design

Dr. Art Hendela, Hendela Systems Consultants, Inc.
Dr. Kathleen M. Gilbert, NJIT


Event 5: Demo Show

Dr. Edgardo Farinas, NJIT 
Dr. Amy Balija, Fordham University 

Event 6: Chemical Nomenclature

Dr. Duane Butherus, NJIT

Event 7: Information Search & Molecular Modeling

Mr. Bruce Slutsky, NJIT
Dr. Yong-Ick Kim, NJIT
Ms. Mihaela Cohanoschi, NJIT

Lab Event Judging

Event 8: Synthesis Experiment

Dr. Samuel D’Arcangelis, Criterion Chemical LLC  

Mr. Yogesh Gandhi, NJIT

Event 9: Instrumentation Experiment

Dr. Pin Gu, NJIT
Dr. Allen Jones, ACS​

Event 10: Microscale Experiment

Dr. Bhavani Balasubramanian, NJIT​
​Ms. Diane Krone, ACS-TA