Judging Guidelines & Information

NJCO Judging Guidelines

  • Three judges are appointed by the NJCO director for each event.  The head judge must be a faculty member of NJIT while the other judges may be members of ACS-TA and professionals from industry.  Coaches may not serve as judges.

  • The head judge is charged with working with the assistant judges in developing a rubric that details the specific criteria that will be used in judging his or her particular event.  This rubric must be made available to all schools by February 1.

  • The three judges work as a team, under the leadership of the head judge to review the submissions made for their event. The rubric must be used in this review process.

  • Once the review is complete, the head judge must submit a Score Report that ranks the top fifteen teams participating in the event from 1st to last place.

How to Request Event Clarification

Schools may request clarification for any of the events.  All requests must be posted on the NJCO Discussion Forum.  NEW to 2015 competition, this discussion thread is available on password protected webpage available on this website.  Upon signing up for events, each coach will be email the password for the disucssion forum.  This will allow transparency with all questions.  

Each school may ask up to two questions per event.  (2 questions per school; not 2 questions per team).  Replies will be made within seven days.  Please use this discussion forum.  Requests for clarification may not be emailed.

This Wikispace is open to the public for viewing.  Only coaches may request permission to post in the discussion area.  Please access the "Read This First" post before posting a question to the discussion forum.



All disputes are to be submitted to the NJCO Director in writing prior to the posting of the final team score. All decisions of the Director are considered final.