Frequently Asked Questions

Can we review the List of Suggested Databases that will be provided for the Info Search Event?

The List of Databases that will be used in the Info Search Event on the day of the Event is found here.  Students may want to become familiar with it.

Are gases and a hood available for demonstrations?
No, our Demonstration Event is conducted in an stadium style lecture room.  Demonstrations that require a hood will not be permitted.  If your demonstrations require a fuel source, it is acceptable to bring a camp style propane tank (16.4oz) to use. -one used for a lantern or single-burner propane stove.

Is there a secure location at the event to store valuables?
No, no secure space is available and all teams and competitors are responsible for their own equipment and personal belongings.

What happens if we forfeit an event?
Forfeiting an event will result in a score of -1 for that event in terms of calculating team scores.  Please indicate on your Event Submission Sheet if you have decided to forfeit an event in order to avoid confusion on competition day.


FAQs About Lab Events

Do we have to use the solutions/chemicals provided by NJIT?
Yes, when a solution or other chemical is provided, teams MUST use that chemical and may not bring their own to the competition.

Is DI Water available?
Unfortunately NJIT is unable to rely on the amount of DI water they can provide.  Therefore all teams are required to bring their own deionized water for the event.

What types of micro-scale procedures are acceptable?
Micro-scale experiments drastically reduce the amount of chemical used and often includes miniaturized labware.  While no specific labware is required, procedures that demonstrate excellent technique using minimal quantities of chemical will be accepted.  Part of the rubric assess the procedure chosen by the team.

Are solutions provided standardized?
No, solution provided for the event are not standardized.