Final Submission Checklist for Coaches

Event Submission Checklist

Print out this Event Submission Checklist and submit with your team's research papers, CD ROMs, demonstration and lab procedures.  Refer to the NJCO Google Calendar for Event Submission Date.  Failure to submit papers, etc by due date may result in disqualification from event.

Safety Agreement & Photo Release Form

Fill out, print out this Safety and Photo Release Form.  Be sure to review the Safety Guidlelines with your students prior to starting any laboratory work.  Ask your competitors to read and sign the form.  Submit the form with your Event Submissions. Refer to the NJCO Google Calendar for the date this Form is due.

All research papers (Event #1, Event #2 & Event #3) must be submitted to for a plaigarism check.  It is not necessary to include your primary source pages (Appendix #2) to the service.

Arriving at NJIT Day of the Competition

Information about Competition Event parking and Check In Procedures.